• High Quality Aluminium Alloy Parts
    High Quality Aluminium Alloy Parts

    We specialize in the processing of products, machine parts ... Aluminum alloy materials such as A2017, A5052, A6061, A7075, ADC-6, ADC-12 ...
    Our objective is to become a leading company in the field of processing of  aluminum products in the area...

  • Steel Parts
    Steel Parts

    One of the main products of us are  iron and steel materials. We can process most materials such as carbon steel (S20C, SS400, S45C, S50C ...), Steel alloy (SCM435, SCM440, SKS3, SKD11 ...), stainless steel (SUS201, SUS303, SUS304, SUS316 ...)

  • High Precision Copper Alloy Parts
    High Precision Copper Alloy Parts

    We can process for all kind of copper alloys such as copper (C1100), brass (C3604), copper-beri (C17200).

  • nonmetallic products
    nonmetallic products

    We process the products of non-metallic such as POM-White-Black POM, Delrin, MC6, Mica (crylic), Bakelic (phip) ...

  • Pin, Shaft, Nut
    Pin, Shaft, Nut

    We own the line of automatic lathe machine for products such as pin, Shaft, Nut ... with high speed and accuracy contribute to reducing costs of products, improve competitiveness for our customers .

  • Processing machinery
    Processing machinery

    In addition to the products we currently have available, we also undertake processing machinery as required, depending on specific needs that we will have a particular price.