BACHTUNG Mechanics provides its clients with products and services:


       With a team of engineers and skilled workers and the equipment and specialized machines in the    precision machining such as CNC milling machine (vertical and oblique axes), three-dimensional measuring machine, wire cutters, processing machine with electrodes ..., Bach Tung committed to providing to customers the products with best specifications and competitive pricing.


With specialized machines in the mound welding, machining, metal forming... such as hydraulic shock machine, hydraulic press, tube bending machines, welding machine, spot welding machine, Tig - Mig Welding machine.. ., we specialize in designing and manufacturing the products, support equipment such as industrial manufacturing operations desk, shelves containing materials, special carts and other equipment ... as samples or drawings. In particular, we have experience in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial conveyor belts.

In addition, we also design and installation of vacuum systems, cooling for factory of furniture and clothing.


With experienced staff, we specialize in providing materials and machines for mechanical, electrical and refrigeration industry. You just tell us about your needs, we will provide to customers a solution package includes an extensive list of products consistent, the delivery schedule fastest and most competitive price.

     In addition, we also business - leasing of industrial generators, industrial air compressors. Design, installation and maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems for factories, warehouses ... is also a strength based on our ability toquickly provide equipment, the right type and construction schedule schedule.