About Us

Welcome to Bach Tung Mechanics Co., Ltd
Bach Tung Mechanics Co., Ltd gives you best wishes for your health and your work.
Bach Tung Mechanics Co., Ltd was established in 04/2008, but the roots began in March 2005, with the launch of  Bach Tung Mechanical falicity.

Having  10  years  experience  in  machinery  processing  for Japanese  companies  in  Viet  Nam’s  Industrial  Parks  and Export  Proccessing  Zones,  we  are  non-stop  improving  to bring the customers better and better products and services. Throughout many years, we are always learning, researching, and  investing  in machinery and technology,  improving the working staff’s knowledge to give the customers gratification. With  the  business  guidelines  “Giving  is  receiving”,  all  the Bach Tung’s working staff  understand that, if you work hard, if  you  make  good  products  and  services  for  the  society, certainly the society will bring you good worth.

Rencently,  having  the  same concern  with the Vietnamese companies in the supporting industry, Bach Tung Mechanics Co.,  Ltd  has  built  a  factory  in  Bình  Dương  province  and aimed for the export objective. At this present, although the size of our factory is modest (Area: 1300m2, with over 30 automatic/ semi-automatic machines), but we still believe that if we really do our best in accordance with the business guidelines “Giving is receiving”, someday Bach Tung and the Vietnamese mechanic industry can reach higher and higher target, so that the Vietnamese mechanic industry will be the most well-known and reliable brand of the whole world.
Thank you very much
Nguyen Ba Tong